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We are a company that manufactures, plans and sells products that are useful for beauty and health, especially facial products and beauty home appliances.

In addition to partner companies in Japan, we collaborate with overseas partner companies to create products that flexibly respond to customer lifestyles and commitments, from high-quality products to reasonable products.

At the beginning of the business, we dealt mainly with home esthetic products, but with the expansion of our business, we now handle a wide range of products related to beauty and health such as cosmetics, fitness items, nail products, and salon equipment.

I sincerely hope that customers, business partners, and stakeholders will get better beauty and health and lead a happier life.

Thank you for your continued patronage.

Aivivid Co., Ltd.
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Company Profile

Company name 株式会社アイビビッド
English company name Aivivid Co., Ltd.
CEO Hirooki Abe
Number of employees 20 people(Including part-time job)
Location Honcho 1-8-14 2nd floor,Koganei-shi Tokyo,
Japan Zip:184-0004
TEL +81(0)42-316-4576(Representative number)
FAX +81(0)42-316-4577
Suppliers TBC Group Co., Ltd.
LAVA International Co., Ltd.
PTW Co., Ltd.
Goriki Island Co., Ltd.
Rakuten, Inc.
au Commerce & Life
Always Inc.
Amazon Japan Limited liability company
Hibiki Corporation
Primus Co., Ltd.
Est Prime Co., Ltd.
Fukuyama Transporting Co., Ltd.
Japan Post Co., Ltd.    
Hayakawa Ocean Land Transportation Co., Ltd.
Kiraboshi Bank
Seibu Shinkin Bank      
Mitsubishi UFJ Bank     
Japan Finance Corporation  
Tokyo Tama Shinkin Bank 
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Access:4 minutes on foot from Musashi Koganei Station on JA Chūō Line

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